Lonesome Landscape

Sorry about the lack of internet presence. I had made some draft posts that stagnated before I have a driving-home-song-lyric-inspiration (which happens more often than you’d think). I’ve had an idea for years to boogie-woogie the Seven Brides song Polecat. But in the midst of a more melancholy ride home, humming the tune all the way, a verse came to me that suited just where my heart was at the time.

My mind
a lonesome landscape.
Tundra, blowing crisp and cool.
Whisper words, dear-
closer beside me–
that’s my warmer fuel.

It fits right in there with the second verse with all the nice tenor descants.
Snow’s a coming, but you know the word; just say it.
Till next time-


Also, you might enjoy this version too:


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